Maintenence Agreement

In addition to repairing and installing HVAC units, the professionals at Finney Heating and Air also provide regular maintenance services for furnaces, air conditioners, air ducts, and thermostats. We have been maintaining units for residential and commercial properties in the Atlanta area for more than 30 years. Our certified technicians will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements by consistently maintaining your facilities for reasonable rates.

Not only do properly maintained equipment save you money, they also ensure cleaner air and proper ventilation throughout your home or place of work. When the air ducts and vents that facilitate air flow throughout your residence are regularly cleaned and maintained, less bacteria and mold build-ups occur and the indoor air that you breathe is much more clean and fresh. The air or heat that your system generates will also flow more easily and quickly. The temperature of your home or commercial facility will increase or decrease as much as you would like at a more rapid pace and the unit won’t have to work as hard in the process. You will be able to save money on your utility bill and feel more comfortable indoors.

When our certified professionals maintain the integrity of your unit as a whole, it is guaranteed to last longer and work more efficiently. At Finney Heating and Air we are committed to helping you keep your existing heating and/or air conditioning unit for as long as possible. Replacing an HVAC unit is a drain on both your resources and time. Not to mention an uncomfortable hassle. Allowing one of our technicians to inspect and maintain your system once every few months will give it a longer life while also decreasing your chances of having contaminated air or no air at all circulating throughout your residence.