Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home or commercial facility can greatly improve after Finney Heating and Air professionals repair, install, and maintain the HVAC unit on your property. Our certified technicians have been serving the Atlanta area for more than 30 years and are committed to facilitating a more clean and direct air flow throughout your home or place of work.

When we install HVAC units on your commercial or residential property we use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee quality and efficiency and make sure everything from the air ducts to the unit itself is in excellent condition. We get it right the first time so that you don’t have to worry about making costly repairs or dealing with a broken unit anytime soon.

We also provide regular cleaning and maintenance services that will allow us to become aware of malfunctions before they become much larger problems that contaminate your air. This also prevents bacteria and mold build-ups that pose serious health risks. When running a business and utilizing a larger unit especially, it is vitally important that you maintain the indoor air quality in your facility. Not only will you avoid health code violations, but your customers will also remain safe and happy.

When the air quality in your home or place of work is good, the air ducts and unit you have installed are usually in excellent shape. When this is the case, you will also have proper ventilation and the air conditioner or heater on your property will be able to cool down or heat up much more quickly and easily. As a result, your utility bill will be reduced and you will save money.